Professional development 

Join round tables featuring experienced riders, lectures, educators, coaches, and mountain bike school owners discussing topics such as education standards, career opportunities in mountain biking, industry trends, and advocacy initiatives.

Gain access to professional resources, research publications, case studies, and toolkits to support ongoing learning, professional growth, and informed decision-making in various aspects of mountain biking management and development.

Explore opportunities to obtain certifications or accreditation in different countries for enhancing professional credentials and credibility.

Aktivní Nadpis s Bublinou

. . .

Yes, we know that the timeline is tight. You likely have your plans for mid September by now. Before you get annoyed by the inconvenience, consider this: After the congress ends, massive know-how will exist. That know-how will be there for those who do the next WOMBEC. We haven’t had that luxury. We had to figure it all out. Concerning the program, we can rely on a creative team with rock solid experience. But we had to fight for funding, for the local community’s sense of ownership, for the trust of the schools and instructors. Our successors will all get that for granted. For you, it’s just registering.

"Grow with everyone"

When . . .

attentive recognition of others' contributions is practiced as a norm,

professional ethics involve referring to competitors in a cultivated, respectful manner, 
we realize that someone had had an idea we'd thought we owned a while before us and we congratulate them for it,

we put humor over quarrel,

. . . it makes us better educators, better perceived providers, and better, more mature people.

Inspiration for your riding

We can all look forward to a lot of inspiring riding experiences.

Benefit from networking

The shared experiences of the workshops, rides, discussions with like-minded individuals, will set foundations of relationships within the mountain bike education community that can withstand the challenges of growth and transformation.

Connect, exchange ideas, forge partnerships, and explore potential collaborations across different sectors of the mountain biking community.

Social and cultural enrichment

In the end, a journey is typically as good as the people that we meet and bond with on it. You can look forward to a richness of interactions, to a variety of perspectives and passionate conversations, and to plenty of laughter and fun.

Recreation in its true sense

Is the demanding work of an MTB educator taking its toll on your motivation? Are your awesome ideas that used to lighten your work days becoming more rare to come? You can look forward to re-creation of your creative potential.